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Who Pam speaks to:

  • Law Enforcement 
  • Public Safety Officers
  • Executive Leadership
  • Educators
  • Youth
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Elected Officials 

What others are saying...

"Pam presents a back to basics simple approach to helping your employees understand themselves as professionals while developing a relationship with a customer."

-- Mark Wallace
Corporate Sales & Sponsorships, Reading Royals Hockley

"Pam Gockley and her contributors have written a very readable and useful book on innovating company reputation, and it starts and ends with a key fact: Unlike branding, reputation originates in operations, not communications, so the challenge is to match that reality to the expectations (and demands) of the marketplace. This book details a solid way to approach it."

-- Jonathan Salem Baskin 
Author: Branding Only Works on Cattle, Columnist, and President of Arcadia Communications Lab

"Its been a pleasure to have heard Pam speak at several events. I've heard her deliver a workshop to a  group of fundraising professionals,  to a large audience of event planners, to a lively group of entrepreneurs, to a large group of academics and business owners  and to a free spirited group of career aspiring university upperclassmen. She exhibited a special ability to connect with the audience by making her subject matter relevant and interesting. I will continue to recommend Pam as an interesting and impactful speaker. She's on my "A" list of speakers who make a difference."

 --Ray Melcher

"I had the pleasure of hearing Pam speak on many occasions, the most recent at the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Owners Association. Pam is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker. Pam is a very entertaining speaker and she keeps the attention of her audience. Pam's topics are informative and relevant to her audience. I highly recommend Pam Gockley for any group or organization that needs a speaker. She is the best."

-- Robin J. Gray, Esq.

I have gone to Pam for help in polishing my career. I had just started in the new role of Director of Business Development & Education for my company. I was the first one with this title. I had so many ideas on how to network and promote sales for the business I work for, but, I was overwhelmed with all the ideas and where to start.
I had signed on with Pam for several sessions, to start the act of polishing my career. I found Pam to be honest, a straight forward thinker & a person who would look through all the clutter and help me to see things in a much clearer light and also truthful enough to tell me about it. What I really liked about Pam, she is a professional from outside my business with a wealth of knowledge in other areas, I was overlooking.
With my new title, no one at my company really knew what to expect. Since I have gone to Pam, I have completely changed my career path. I started with one foot in front of the other & have now proven the worth of this new title. My company is so happy; they have hired more people to fill the position Business Development & Education across ten campuses.
I highly recommend Pam and her company to help anyone out there who is in need of professional polish. Pam is also an excellent speaker on many topics.

-- Elder Care Professional

"Pam was very outgoing and engaged the attendees with various questions. She provided helpful hints and gave them things they can implement to make their next expo a success!"
-- Executive Director of the Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce

"Very informative and knowledgeable."
-- Fortune 500 Company Member Team Leader workshop attendee

"She was very thorough and laid it out very well--attendees just need to put it all into practice!!"
-- Small Business Owner workshop attendee

"That was great! Thanks again for taking the time to speak to my class."
-- College Professor for Business Communications

"Pam was a relaxed speaker and enjoyed helping those attending with her expertise of tradeshows. I especially liked how she got everyone involved by asking questions of the attendees."
-- Executive Director of the Whitehall Chamber of Commerce

"I think your style is very effective and puts people at ease."
-- Fortune 500 Company Membership Coordinator workshop attendee

"Very Enlightening"
-- Victoria Manton

"Thank you both. I found the info helpful. I learned some good stuff."
-- Alice Decenzo

"Informative & Concise. Definitely worthy our time."
-- Karen Sanderson

"As a beginner, I was generously introduced to informative and useable information. I also met a variety of new contacts with this seminar and help from the attendees, who specialized in differing areas of writing. I believe I am prepared with the proper tools to create a best-seller, helping people alone the way."
-- Cynthia Mobis